Rental Property Owners

If one or more of your tenants have applied for our Weatherization Assistance Program services, you may be able to have your building weatherized. If the households qualify on the basis of household income, it could be an opportunity for you to receive subsidies from our state and federal programs and, often, the utility company serving the building. The goals of the Weatherization Program are energy conservation and healthier living conditions for low-income Vermonters, and now qualifying is easier than ever before!

All That We Ask of You Is ...
...that you contact the rest of your tenants in the building (if any) and ask them to call us at 800-464-9951 to apply. Our program requires that 25% of the households in a rental building meet our eligibility requirements. We will have your tenants return the applications directly to us, so that their personal information remains confidential.
Once your tenants have applied we will send the following forms to you. These forms should be completed and returned to us. These forms are as follows:

Permission to enter the premesis

This allows us to enter the building.

Proof of ownership

Attaches one of the proofs listed on the forms we will send you: (i.e.: tax bill, deed, mortgage payment book, etc.)

Building owner agreement / Dwelling units and rents attachment

A one-year rent freeze and non-eviction (without cause) agreement. Also called the “Building Owners Agreement”. This is aimed at ensuring that the tenant (s), our client (s), will enjoy the benefits of the work for which he/she was eligible.

What's Next?

When we receive the signed documents and other necessary tenant applications, we will then proceed and schedule an energy audit. Once that is complete, the auditor will discuss the recommended measures to be installed and further discuss anything needed from you for us to proceed with the work.
In any event, and at any time during this process, please feel free to call with any questions you have. Contact us at (802) 722-4575 or toll-free at 800-464-9951.

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1937